Tandem TConnect and Mac 10.15 Catalina

I always like to preface things like this by telling people to check things out for themselves, but I just wanted to share this:
I went to connect Dexcom G5 a few minutes ago to upload some results. The icon for the TConnect uploader was greyed out, and when I clicked on it I got a message reading “tconnect Uploader needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of MacOS. Contact the developer for more information.”
I thought perhaps I just needed to do a software upgrade (like you have to do occasionally with printers), so I went onto Tandem’s website and clicked on a download button. Got a message saying be prepared with your *download code," which I don’t have. I called Tandem and they told me the download code is for people moving from the G5 to the G6. That is separate from the TConnect software update, which may not be available until next year(!). They recommended I use a Mac that hasn’t been upgraded - or I guess you could use a PC if one’s available. Looks like I’ll have to do the download at my doctor’s office on their PC at my visit. Just sharing - again, please check things out for yourself.

** caution - geek response ahead **

hi @wadawabbit Catalina drops 32 bit support for Mac. In other words, if a vendor has a 32 bit application, such as TConnect… and doesn’t update (and OMG all they have to do is recompile it for 64 bit support) then you are not only stuck because it won’t work, but you may not even be able to uninstall the application.

Shame on Tandem, really. this is not only dumb it is appallingly lazy of them. They are supposed to be the “oh you can update your pump with software because we are so smart” company and they can’t even keep up with this?

Mac was supposed to warn you before updating, but shame on them too for not making a virtual machine available so you can support old useful apps that are compiled for 32 bit. So much for Mac being better at everything. right.

There is a way… though… it depends on how computer handy you are. You can buy a emulator application that technically will allow you to run TConnect… the article is here (PCmag is lousy with adverts, though, sorry in advance) https://www.pcmag.com/article/371267/how-to-run-32-bit-apps-in-macos-catalina

it might be easier to blow the dust off an old machine and just use that. but good luck to you whatever you decide!

Thanks so much. I’m fairly tech savvy but let’s say I know my limits and I think I’ll busy wait until Tandem gets up to speed. My doctor’s office uses a PC and they do downloads there if the patient can’t or doesn’t, so for now I’ll just have them do it at my visits. Fortunately my allergist is in the same building and if they need to see data in between I could always seeing by their office while I’m there for my allergy shot. It is a shame things went coordinated well between Tandem and Mac, but thankfully there’s a Plan B. And I keep in mind that I came up in the days when (get this!) we had to do all our tracking with handwritten logs because the first BG meters didn’t have memory :scream:. Ah, the days…
Very grateful for your reply. Have a great week.

:blue_heart: @wadawabbit Dorie, I used clinitest & test tubes and the thought of a CGM when I was diagnosed was right up there with time travel! haahha