Tandem Tru Steel adhesive

I have great success with the Tru Steel but the adhesive is too small and if you are involved in any activity where you sweat, the set falls out. I’ve tried different IV prep and tapes with not much success. Medtronic’s infusion sets seemed to have much better adhesion when I was using their stuff. Any suggestions?

hello @ryantcurran welcome to Type One Nation. it’s difficult to say and if you tried all the wipes and overtapes… then there isn’t much more you can do. Skin-Tac (a medtronic product) is like the crazy-glue of skin preparation, then the infusion set and then a tape such as grif-grips is all I have for you. Good luck!

I use a Simpatch over my CGM and find them very effective. They are cut to fit each product fairly precisely and I don’t know if they make any specifically for infusion sets but there are some generic ones that people have used - below is a picture of one from an Amazon review.
I find they stick very well once applied - if the tape sticks to itself it’s very hard to separate so it takes some practice but that’s what makes them gold so well, at least for me.
I hope you find something!