Tandem TruSteel

I’ve been using the Tandem T-Slim for about about two months. I recently had a bent cannula using the XC infusion set. I had this happen to me a couple of times when I was on a Medtronic pump. I am going to be trying out the Tandem TruSteel infusion set next week. I am not concerned about the lack of a inserter. I actually prefer to put it in on my own, however the small bit of tubing between the site and the pump gives me pause. I am really happy with the small footprint of the Tandem Infusion site as it is with the XC. Has anyone here changed to the TruSteel? How has the extra bit of tubing affected you intimately. There, I said it. Yes, in intimate situations or other ways, pain on insertion, etc.

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It’s a great question and I hope you get relevant responses @synstokesyahoo-com

I do like my quickset for that reason. Looks like a bandaid. Cheers good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hello, I’ve been using tru steel for over a year. Bent cannula issues with others. Insertion easy, I use the 6mm. The extra tubing allows me to reach further fatty areas on my side. Also I’m a Small lean woman.

But I loop the extra tubing and tape it. I usually tape my insertion set anyway.

Well for intimacy the tape! And frankly always an interesting surprise where the pump ends up.

Without tape I was getting my hand stuck when pulling up pants etc.

Good luck with transition!

Hi, I run DIY Loop with a Medtronic pump, and have been having a lot of trouble with the Medtronic 9mm infusion sets. After talking with a Medtronic, I decided to try their version of steel infusion sets. I think that, except for the end connector, they are identical to the Tandem version. I thought maybe it was a guy thing, but I totally agree with you about the short tubing length! The pump is always in my way, using the bathroom is difficult, etc. I use the 42” Medtronic, for comparison. I never felt like my pump was in the way, including those intimate times, until I tried the steel infusion set. BTW, I’ve been pumping for 20 years. Anyway, I gave up on the steel sets after the first one, they were just too annoying.

You can get more than 1 type of infusion set if needed from your supply company. I use different sets in different areas. I don’t like the double areas of tape down for the TruSteel, but you can get used to it.

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I have a waist band that I ordered on Esty. The extra tubing can be tucked in there. I had a lot of trouble this past weekend using the TruSteel for the first time. Neither insert or connector would hold in place. Ended up ripping it out. Tried again today and so far so good. If I have more issues I will try different infusion sets with different length cannulas.

I like the idea of using different sets in different places. I never thought of that before. Thank you for the idea.

It has been really helpful for me to use the 30 degree infusion sets in my abdomen and the 90 degree ones in my behind where I have more flesh. Hope it helps!