Tandem X-2 and Enlite?

I’m new to the forum and from the other side of the pond (Australia)
I have recently had a friend give me her old Medtronic Enlite supplies as she herself has upgraded to another model, as Purchasing CGM outright is well out of my price range I was wondering whether anybody has any advice on the subject? (Have tried Local specialists but due to covid I won’t get an appointment for many months yet) Thanks in advance!

Hello @emilebbm and welcome to TypeOneNation. It wouldn’t be legal to send sensors out of the country since they are prescription here in the US. You might have luck contacting the manufacturer or waiting on an appointment. It’s my opinion that depending completely on donations will not be sustainable and you may have long stretches of having no sensors anyway. I don’t know how health care or insurance works in Australia, but here in the US you either have insurance or you pay full price. Good luck

@emilebbm Hi Emile, and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum.

From the topic heading of your are you asking if the Medtronic CGM sensors can be used your Tandem pump" My answer is certainly but the CGM sensors will not communicate directly with the pump - you will need to use them independently just as you would use a BG Meter.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the replies, Apologies, I should have stated that the friend with the supplies is already in Australia so there isn’t any legal issues there.

Hi. You’ve probably already right of this but I’m wondering if you can’t do a phone consult or video chat with your doctor?