My son is 17 years old, he was diagnosed type 1 diabetic Sept. 2008.  We have bought 3 medic alert bracelets and he has broken 2 and doesn't like wearing jewlry.  Does anyone have anything on medic alert tattoos?  I have done some research on this, just wanting to see if anyone has done this.

Hey Dana,

My brother-in-law has had this done, but not medic alert.  He's had the Type 1 Diabetes Melitis with the symbol tatooed.  

I think it looks great, but for our 7 year-old my wife doesn't agree that it's the best choice ;o).

If he wants it, I say go for it!

Hi  Canadian James,

Well since i posted this question, our family went to a JDRF retreat in St. Louis.  We met a 22 year old man that had a medic alert symble with Type 1 Diabetic above it tatoo on the left side of his chest.   My 17 year old son thought it was great.  So we are thinking this summer we are going to go for it! The man with the tatoo said he hopes some day that the tatoo will have a circle with a line through it for no type 1 diabetic. I thought  that was interesting also.  Could you tell me where your brother-in-law has his tatoo?

Thanks for your reply.


He's got his on his forearm, in place of the medic alert bracelet...kinda so they can see it if he ever needs medical help.

I really  like that idea of the circle and strike out thing!