What is the color of the diabetes awareness ribbon? I am thinking of getting a tattoo. any ideas?

The ribbon for diabetes is gray. I'm not sure if T1 has a specific color, but I don't think so.

As far as the tattoo goes: good luck! I'm not very creative, but a lot of Juvenators are, so I'm sure you will get a great idea from someone.

It's grey with a red blood drop at the end.

you could get the diabetes month symbol its a blue cirlce

I thought about this too! When I learned it was gray I was a little disappointed.. but most tattoo artists will work with you to develop something cool and personal out of the awareness ribbon, you just have to ask them. My next tat will definitely be diabetes-related :)

My avatar is my diabetic and alert tattoo.

I have the blue circle as a piece of my tattoo... Just got mine a month or so ago and I love it! :) says "type 1" in the circle... kinda bright on that side though. I was talking to the tattoo artist, who is also a friend of mine, he said it was his first medic alert tattoo... BOOYAH TO BEIN THE FIRST!!! :D