Tattoos and Piercings

yea i was thinking that where i got my ears pierced but i haved no problems.

I got both of my ears pierced when I was in high school and they are still open enough to wear rings in, and I got my tattoo when I was 18, then I had it touched up/added to when I was 20. Stay healthy, be anal about cleaning it, lotion it often, and you'll be good to go! :)

I think it's important to try to control your blood sugar the best you can around the time of getting your tattoo because if your sugar is terrible the tattoo might not heal properly and then it'll look terrible. And who wants a crappy looking tattoo forever? Go to different shops and ask the artists if they have any clients that are diabetic. You, the artist, and your parents might all feel more comfortable if you go to someone who has tattooed a diabetic before. And ask at the tattoo shops you go to, to recommend a piercer to you because those guys/girls know who does the clean safe piercings. And ask the artist how long they've been tattooing. Someone who is new is probably not going to do the best work. Lack of experience. But that's just about getting a good tattoo and not an ugly one. Lol. All artists have books with pictures of their work. Go to one that when you look at their work you think it is absolutely amazing. Because you don't want anything short of spectacular on your body. And ask them if they ever get clients who have gone to other places and then came to them to get the work covered/fixed. If they done a lot of fixing up and cover ups then it's very likely they do great work. My guy has done his fair share of fixing/covering terrible tattoos because he is so talented. Someone like that is likely going to do a great job on your tattoo. And if they can get you in before 2 or 3 months then they don't have a lot of clients so might not be very good. A good artist is worth the wait. I always have to wait 3 months to get into my guy.