TConnect reports and G6 alerts (CIQ)

Hi all. I know TConnect gives you lost of different graphs - including BGs and variances as well as G6 corrections; but what I am trying to find is a printout of the warnings the system gives letting you know you are expected to drop below 70.
As background: I knew I needed to have good basal rates in place before starting on CIQ, so I did a test a few days before changing over. Let’s just say that despite my number of years on a pump, there have been times when my changes didn’t yield the results I - not to mention my doctor - wanted (cough cough), so she wants me to run them by her.
Having said that, I’m annoyed with the frequency with which I get an alert saying “You are expected to drop below 70 in 15 minutes.” As I suspected, it looks like I need to change some settings, but I would find it helpful to see how often I’m simply (for me) low normal and stable, vs. low normal and headed downhill.
It’s nearly 11pm and maybe I’m missing something due to the late hour, but if such a list exists I would love to know how to find it so I can give my doctor some more data.

Hey Dorie, have you ever tried the cloud Glooko - Diasend? I started using it when I was on an old Johnson & Johnson’s Animas divisions Ping pump.

It is compatible with CIQ and gives great graphs. I am not sure it prints warnings per se. If you can get on Glooko + Diasend (they may have a fee now), use the COMPARISON > DAY BY DAY settings. This will give you a day by day page of three graphs per day BGs, CGM, & Basal/Bolus.

You are not missing anything, even if it is late where you are. Message me if we need to discuss deeper.

Thanks so much @987jaj. I’ve never heard of this platform and will check it out. Much appreciated!

Hi Dorie @wadawabbit, although you ask for is readily available to you in real time, and historically on t-Connect computer based and phone app. And these reports can be printed; i can access these reports, in any interview up to 90 days, from the day i activated my t-Slim. The basal suspend is very noticeable because it appears RED as opposed to the standard blue. CIQ correction bolus appear as a black droplet.

For your reference, I’ll try adding a couple of photos app pictures, I have Tandem constantly running in background and can see the pictured information with a single finger tap.

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@Dennis. Thanks for this. The mobile t:Connect is so new, I had not noticed the fine red lines.

BTW, Dennis, have you heard of the Diasend multi-brand cloud like pump, meter, CGM site now known as Glooko + Diasend? It seems like it may be a new one to add to our Roladexes. GRIN.


I’ve looked at some sites for gathering pump, CGM, and meter data for analysis.

In addition to the Tandem t-Connect, I also use the JDRF Sponsored Tidepool computer based program - really good, and it is free. Tidepool is compatible with all insulin pumps, all CGM, and with many BG Meters.

As I say, “free”, but donations are welcome in that all work is done by volunteers.