TD1 and CKD

Hi Everyone,
I’m looking for someone who has long, un explained, slow progression of CKD after being diagnosed as diabetic nephropathy.
Talking with Doctors even very much qualified I’ve the feeling they really don’t why my progression is not accordingly with their expectation. Most likely I’ve told to myself this is not or not only diabetic nephropathy.
Appreciate any advise or experience sharing on that,

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Have you had a test that calculates GFR (Global Flow Rate)?

My GFR indicated Stage 3 CKD early this year. I was taking NSAIDS to cope with osteoarthritis pain. I completely stopped all NSAIDS, and my GFR returned to normal within a few months. Most of the time kidney damage is permanent, but not always.

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Thanks for great advice Marco

if I was in your shoes, I’d be thanking my lucky stars. The simple answer is, doctors are providing prognosis based on something read, or what each experiences. Two examples of “diabetes-related time” when in retrospect I really grateful that my condition failed to “follow-the-book”:

  1. At my diabetes diagnosis many decades ago, the doctors told my family that I’d be dead within ten years, or possibly double my age. I fooled the experts! My family shared this information with my 40 years later.
  2. In 1966 I was diagnosed with Retinopathy and told by experts [second and third opinions] that I’d be totally blind within TWO YEARS. Fooled 'em again!!! This past summer, the state gave me a motor vehicle operator license good until July 4, 2028.

Keep in mind, Marco, you are unique.

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Thanks for sharing and really inspiring words. I could never agree so much when you say we are all unique. All the best!!