TD1, Asthma and Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed with TD1 at age 11, Asthma at 25 and Fibromyalgia at 27, though I believe I’ve actually had Fibro since before I was diabetic. Anyone else out there?

Me too! I was diagnosed with Asthma at 13, Fibromyalgia at 17, and T1D at 23.

Have you found that your diabetes affects your asthma? I’m newly diagnosed T1D (2 months ago) and I’m noticing that when my BG is high I’m also having trouble breathing.

I do not have asthma, but do have T1, Fibromyalgia, and a Laundry list of other things.

Yes, my blood sugar is higher when my asthma is acting up - which usually means I’m getting sick. 8 Sinus Infections and/or Chest Colds since November. There is also a definite correlation between BS and a Fibro flare. How do you guys cope?

I find this thread interesting because, although I don’t have asthma, I wheeze when my BG is high sometimes. I also experience what they call “idiopathic angioedema” of the lips and throat, and recently found out that there may be a correlation between angioedema and autoimmune hypothyroidism (which I also have), as well as RA and Lupus (which I don’t think I have but have been advised to be screened for).

Have any of you who have T1D and Fibro or hypothyroidism experienced unexplained lip, throat, or other skin swelling for no other apparent reason?