Teach for America

I've been working at this latest job for just a little while, and I am thrilled at what all i have acomplished and learned in such a short amount of time. It has only been a few weeks but they already have me working without supervision and are giving me more hours. Problem. I can't see myself working there forever much less a year from now. I feel that I have a lot more to give to my community and world then what I am able to give from the local home improvment warehouse. 

I have pulled it up every year for the past 3 years and read the website- but I am wondering if anyone knows anything about Teach for America? I am really considering signing up and getting on with my life now instead of becoming complaisant in a job that is sucure just because it has good health insurance.

I have a friend who went through TFA and she really enjoyed it. She taught out in New Mexico for three years. She eventually met someone out in New Mexico, got married and is about to pop out a child. She enjoyed her time with TFA. If you have any questions shoot me a message and I can pass them on to her as long as she contains the baby in herself. Give her a few weeks and I doubt I will be able to get you answers.

I use to work with a prestigious fellowship program in California and we had a lot of applicants that did Teach for America.  They were always put higher up in the application process because of it and the ones that were selected that did TFA always spoke so highly of it and talked about how it changed their lives and really instilled in them their Public Service beliefs. 

Are you young enough that you could go back under your parents insurance?  I think I was on my moms insurance until I was 23.  I think it is always a good idea to follow your passion, but I know with type 1 sometimes you have to follow the insurance.

After you mentioned health insurance I looked it up on their site.

I learned that if I were to teach I would attain the same health insurance as the teachers in the district I was teaching would. Although I am scared about the health insurance buisness, I will NOT let it bog me down.

I think public schools usually have good health insurance b/c they are large purchasers. My friend from high school who is T1 has always used her husband's insurance b/c he's a teacher and it's been better than at her law firm.

I'm a speech pathologist and in grad school interned in DC public schools. There were quite a few TFA teachers there. They usually seemed happy, but it's a big commitment and a lot of work, so I'd do some research before applying.

Good luck!

Hi Stilledlife,I know little about Teach for America.I need to read about it.I wish you luck in following something close to your heart.