Teachers :(

Hey everyone, I just started a new semester so I had to make some more copies of my information card for Diabetes to inform my new teachers. Usually they take it and read it over on their own time but this time my math teacher stopped me and said "What am I expected to do about this" I said that it was to inform her in case I ever needed to check my blood sugar level and about the disease. Then she said "That kind of thing shouldn't be happening a lot though" She was acting like I would constantly disrupt her class, I didn't choose to have this disease and if I could make it go away trust me I would. I can't control if I go low or not everyday, I wish I could but I can't. Then my other teacher said well that is easy to live with you shouldn't have a problem. It made me upset because he doesn't live with it so how should he know if it is easy for me or anyone else to live or deal with. Sorry for the rant it just made me upset that my teachers were acting like I was a nuisance and that there would be no problem but there might be.

WOW!! That was pretty .... rude. He probably doesnt understand what diabetes is, but he DEFINITELY shouldn'e "act" like he knows. Just dont let it bother you. Some people are book smart and others are life smart. Let s just hope he is book smart because he is NOT life smart.

I totally understand where your coming from here. A few of my teachers are the SAME way. They get mad when I ask to go test, or when I'm late to class even though I have a pass. I get so frustrated with them because it's not like I can do anything about my disease. Your teachers should not treat you that way! If it becomes an issue, I'd go to the principal and speak with him/her about it because that sort of stuff shouldn't happen. 


Having been at this for a good bit of time now, I'd like nothing better than to tell you that people would naturally understand what you put so brilliantly -you can't understand what it's like if you don't live with it - but they don't.  Often, the lack of understanding brings with it compassion, caring, curiosity or any number of responses that don't get in our way and can even feel comforting.  Responses like the one above, while not the majority are infuriating and I'd say you are justifiably annoyed.  The key thing is to make sure that this person doesn't interfere with your ability to keep yourself safe and healthy.  If the teacher does start hindering your ability to take care of yourself - get your parents, the principal and whomever else may be useful in forcing the issue involved as quickly as possible.  

To me, it sounds like you are doing well and have great instincts - trust them!




I'm sorry you had to go thru that. It sounds like you handled it well. I find this so strange, because I have several teachers in my family (my sister and my aunt currently). My sister has had a T1D student in her class I think almost every year (5th grade). My aunt teaches HS math and has had many students with T1D. She said the teachers have review training at the beginning of the year and they have to know the locations throughout the school where glucagon kits are kept.  I guess it surprises me that teachers don't have to have at least some level of basic training on what to watch out for in students with D (signs of hypo, etc.) before they enter a classroom.


I agree with what A-D does say. Just as for each of us, when we were newly diagnosed I am sure each of us had our own misconceptions of what it means to be a person with type-1 Diabetes. I mean when I was a kid I can't tell you ho many times I thought that it was because of my love of candy and sweets that affected how I got diabetes.

It is a good chance to educate people, to give them a face of the disease that is not the stereotypical old person or large obese person. Just as we expect caring and compassion from them, we too need to give them that same caring and compassion in their ignorance or misunderstanding. While yes one would hope they could be more respectful and we see this each time we meet someone new. They too may be meeting someone or something new for the first time.

Katelyn.....so sorry to hear about your teachers.  I am a teacher myself and cannot believe that a teacher would react that way.  Your teachers give teachers a bad name........don't think that ALL teachers are that way.  If you can, tell they how that made you feel! 

Im sorry to hear about ur teachers...there not all like that mine r really understanding when i miss class and stuff they sumtimes gett an attitude but i mean idk dont let them bring u down they dont even know what diabetes is :/