Team Type 1, Diabetics DO IT BETTER!

Right Now! Team Type 1 is Cycling Across America!

Check these people out! they are right now in flagstaff Arazona, my doctor's wife is out there with them (she is a navagator.)

These ppl are very insperational, just go check out their website. The moto (I love) is Diabetics DO IT BETTER

Their mission as stated on facebook: is to inspire people with diabetes around the world to take control of their health through diet, exercise and proper health care,” said team co-founder Phil Southerland who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at seven months old. “As a professional team, racing against the world’s best cyclists, we’ll be able to deliver that message to a much wider audience.”

I felt very inspired that the team also launched Team Type 2, a team of amateur cyclists living with Type 2 diabetes, who will also compete in the 2009 Race Across America.

Anyway, look them up check them out~ they keep me feeling ready!