Teen age temper tantrum or blood levels off

Lately my son has been really moody.  Almost at the drop of a hat.  How can  I tell if this is just the teen age years or if his blood sugar is off.  I hate to make him test everytime.  I don't want him to rebel against testing, by over doing it.

It is very hard to deal with this, I'm sure. What is his A1c? It may help give you an of exactly how high he is running most of the time. If there  Another idea is to look into a CGM, it may help him feel that he has more power. Lacking power as a teen is a mental struggle that LOTS of teens have. So finding a way to give him more power and may help lessen some of the burden of this normal struggle.


My 8 year old daughter (who is in her 2nd year of being type 1) is very moody and hyper.. it's almost like she has underlying bipolar disorder.. manic/depressive... her and her sister get along for about 2 seconds and then for no reason, she'll hit her or scratch her.. I tell her it's not ok but she just don't seem to care.  We usually have her check her blood, but it's not usually that far off.

What is a CGM?

My daughter is behaving oddly, also.  Just very moody!  My husband and I have gotten the name of a psychologist who works with children.  I think that sometimes we underestimate the mental toll that this disesase can have on a child.  As adults, we understand the intricacies of the disease and the importance of managing it well.  Kids just feel powerless.  I know for our daughter, all of this is extremely overwhelming.  She is acting out by screaming and yelling, like never before!  I'm sure our neighbors think that we have lost it:)  We haven't started any therapy yet, but I hoping that it will give her some tools to handle the new feelings she has.

Ah, CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

Here is a link to a comparison of a few of them. http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technology/continuous_monitoring.php

He doesn't need to be on a pump to use one either. With a CGM he can look down at it and see his sugar levels any time. It is very empowering for us. If you want to learn more about CGM on juvenation go into the groups section, they have a lot of info there and can give you some more ideas.