Teen Buddies

Hey, my name is ViviAnn, I was diagnosed at age 13. May 14 2017. I use the DeX G6, and omnipod. I would love to start a group chat with type one teens. I dont have social media but email or phone number is fine :blush:

Hi I’m 16 I was diagnosed this year on January 18th with type one diabetes and in august with celiac disease. I have the dexacom g6 and tandemx2 pump. I would love to be diabuddies! Email or phone works best for me😊

Hi I’m Gailey Shonk and I was diagnosised when I was 8 and I am 19 now. I have the Dexcom g6 and Medtronic pump.I would love to join the diabuddies group. Email would be best for me.

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I’m 13 too and also not allowed to have social media:) I have Pinterest and that’s it! I would love to be your friend! Here’s my email!

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