Teen T1 driver and pushing BGs onto a secure website

I have three sons with T1. The older two have been compliant, transparent diabetics. In fact they are heroes to me, so if you get me started I can go on for hours about my amazing kids. #2 is a Sophomore in college and #1 is pursuing his PhD in Bio Engineering at a famous diabetes research center.

My #3 son is 18 yo and he seems to take for his diabetes for granted. He is extraordinarily careless with his checks, and there have been a few times recently where his mother and I believe he went for days pretending he didn’t have T1 (i.e. not checking his BGs.) He does not have his driver’s license and one reason is that we are not going to give him unfettered access to a 4000 lb steel box that would turn him into a human torpedo when his BGs are uncontrolled. He has pretty much accepted this consequence, but he is starting to become more mature. There is hope! He has agreed that in exchange for the car keys, he will use a BG meter that will push his BGs into the cloud so his mother and I can verify whether he is monitoring while driving.

With that background, does anyone have a recommendation for pushing BGs into the cloud? I found this:
The appeal of the VerioSync/One Touch reveal system is that I imagine it doesn’t require cables, etc. The man/boy checks his BGs and they appear on a secure website moments later. Is it that good?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

I don’t have any experience with this, but it’s a great idea. Driving and getting low definitely is scary, and it’s happened to me a few times. Good on you for pushing him to take it more seriously. I hope he does!

Also, are you on Facebook? Lots of the public Facebook groups have T1 parents that share a lot of ideas like this, and you might get some great feedback. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/413429625375457/658518194199931/?notif_t=group_activity)

I’m also happy to put your question out there and let you know if I hear anything back.

In NC, the DMV requires a signed document from your endocrinologist that your child’s A1Cs are under control. Otherwise they will suspend the license. I’ve had discussions with other parents about this subject, and BG telemetry (sending out the blood sugar numbers remotely) may not be the best answer. What are you going to do if your loved one is already behind the wheel and his BG is low? Would you call on the phone and distract him even more? What would be ideal is an ignition lock like they use in DUI cases. Rather than having to blow into a breathalyzer into the ignition, you’d check your blood sugar before being allowed to start the car!

Believe me, I have been T1D for 52/56 years. Your teen driver needs DESPERATELY to understand that s/he really needs to check his/her Bg before “cranking up” the motor vehicle. I am writing this brief message from an EXPERIENCED viewpoint. I have had “close calls” car accidents due to low blood glucoses. Another car accident will NOT happen to me! I thank God that no one else was hurt. I realize that I place OTHERS in danger, “if” I am driving or attempting to drive while “low.” Serious situations CAN be avoided!