My 15 year old will not take care of her diabetes. She does not do her bloodsugars in school and lies about doing them at home. I just checked her glucometer and all I saw was highs and records only done once or twice a week. I've tried gorunding her, taking away privelages and even counseling but she still is so iirresponsible. When confronted with why? all she says is" I don't know". Help


Unfortunately, this is a pretty common response in those of us living with chronic illnesses.  I don't know from your description whether or not she was diagnosed recently, or has been dealing with this for a while - but, in either case, sometimes we just get tired.  Tired of testing... taking shots... doing the math every time we eat....  it all gets to be a bit much, and it's hard to see that everyone around you doesn't have to do these things.

I am certainly not a childcare expert, but I can tell you what the teenage version of me would have liked, in this situation.  Try to cut as much of the negativity out of your responses as possible.  These types of reactions to her behavior really only exacerbate the problem.  What you might try is a more collaborative approach.  Try asking what you and her (and anyone else in the family) can do, as a team, to help manage this.  Make it a team effort, as long as she wants it to be.

I wish you the best of luck.


P.S. Has she joined Juvenation?  She might enjoy finding others her age that have "been there", so to speak.

ditto what kim said...

she's been to counseling... what did the counselor say?  teenagers (and a lot of people for that matter) aren't really great at putting feelings into clear and complete statements.  "I am angry at you because I am sick and you can't help me" for example, wouldn't have come out of my mouth 30 years ago if my parents asked me.

you can also take a look at "Diabetes Burnout what to do when you can't take it anymore" i think is a good read and very insightful.  amazon link :   http://www.amazon.com/Diabetes-Burnout-What-When-Anymore/dp/1580400337/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1273703770&sr=8-1

it truly sucks being a teenager with t1.  it's very isolating.  is it possible for your daughter to get involved with a JDRF local chapter, or a diabetes camp?

good luck.


I agree. I had the same problem as a teenager. But I definitely did not like my parents nagging me or lecturing me about it especially since they didn't know what it was like. (And I never wanted to listen to my parents about anything)  I definitely think having support from other diabetics helps and maybe rewards for doing well might be better? Maybe you guys are different but nothing my parents did helped me. I ended up in the hospital with DKA and even after that I still didn't care. I think it's the fact that a lot of teens seem to think they are invincible(I did too). But I think there are a lot of good role models on this site so she should definitely join. If I had known other diabetics when I was a teen I think it would have been a lot easier. Eventually once I grew up a little I started being more responsible and taking better care of myself but since I don't know anyone with type 1, I like being able to find support on here and other communities when I need it.