Tegaderm under sensor?

I’ve had my Dexcom for a while now and have never had irritation under the sensor until recently. I have super sensitive skin so seriously this does not surprise me but I am now struggling to keep my sensor in for 7 days. I was wearing it for 8-9 days. I was wondering if anyone has ever put anything under the sensor? If so how-- did that work? Should I cut a hole in it for the sensor to go through or not?

I tried the shower covers that Dexcom sells and was allergic to them so I use Tegaderm now over the sensor, but has anyone tried them under the sensor?

I have to put a new sensor in tonight so looking for your input-thanks!


Hi Tara.  I'm not a Dexcom user (I use MM system), but from posts from other users in other groups, it is possible to wear the Tegaderm under the sensor IF you cut a whole in for the needle insertion.  Every post I've ever read suggests (demands) that you NOT try to insert through the Tegaderm--You'll only end up wasting a sensor.  So take the Tegaderm, fold it at the point nearest the end you need it and cut a piece off it.  apply Tegaderm to skin then insert dexcom needle through hole and go on with set up procedures.

Hope it works.  It certainly is a pain in the butt to all of a sudden become sensitive to the devices/sticky substances on them that we use as CGMS  (and pump) users!

Michelle, MM722 and MM CGMS.

I am a Dexcom user, but not a Tegaderm user.  :D  When I was trained on how to use the Dexcom, I was told that the wire should only pass through completely clean and dry skin - no lotion, IV prep wipe, anything.  So, I would assume that would extend to Tegaderm as well.  I think you're on the right track to cut out a hole for the sensor wire to go through.  Otherwise, the adhesive may interfere with the sensor's ability to read accurately. 

Good luck!

I'm going to try it with the hole cut in it- I will let you know how it goes. Thanks everyone!

So how did it go??  :)