Temp Basals

Does anyone know why there is a limit for temp basals? For example, my pump will only let me set it at 148% right now. But this differs, so some days I can set it up to 160%, other days only 130%.

you might hava a "maximum basal rate" programmed into your pump.

Wouldn't the max basal then be the same day-to-day?

Could it be due to the amount of insulin left in the reservor?  Check the manual to it to see if it says anything like that.

I will go through the maual tonight.

I thought that may be it too, Doug, but I've checked every time and I've always had enough insulin.

That is kinda strange - it's the first I've heard of it.  What pump do you have?  Is there a tech number on the back to call?  It might be the easiest and quickest way to find your answer.  Let us know what you find out.  (btw..am I still a problem?  lol)

Ug, Dough (:D), I'm too blah to find you a problem today. I'm 405 :( So you've been spared and have the day off from it.

I have the Paradigm 722 -- yes there is a number to call on the back, and if I can't find it in the manual I will call.

wow girl - I have the same pump - let me see what I can find out.  I hope you've bolused for it :)

Yes, sir, I've bolused :D

Hi Alyssa,

Well I hope that your feeling better :) And I don't really use my temp basal rates but I have never heard of that and if I can find my manual I will see what I can find out!!!


Thank you guys for the help, I'm digging through boxes for my manual, now, too :D

I'm actually on the phone with them now and it's a few things - 1. It does depend on what your max basal rate is set at  2. How long you are setting the Temp Basal rate for.    So the pump will allow you to go up to your max.

I hope that made sense - it did in my head.....

Yes, that makes sense, Doug. Thanks :D I'm going to play with the temp basal a bit and see if I can bump it up a little more for the afternoon

I appreciate you calling in for me :D

I set it for 2 hours now, and it lets me go up to 200%, so thank you :D I bumped it to 160% lol

Yep, that's what I did just to check if they were right.  The factory sets the max basal at 2.0/hr.  If you change that under your max basal rate under the basal tab - say to 3.  You'll be able to increase the temp basal %.  When I checked it - I went from being able to give 176% to 200% after adjusting it higher.    Good luck and feel better.

You mean get my bg down lol

yes lol that's what i meant :)

It's all good I'm 300-something now so it's coming down :D

Paul is right with the max basal setting which should be somewhere in the Basal heading. If you have your max basal set for 2, which I think is the default if our current basal is at 1.10 and you try to do a temp basal it will only allow enough extra basal to get to the max Basal of 2. If you edit your settings to raise your max Basal to twice whatever your highest basal number is you will always be able to hit the 200% mark.