Tempers-Stress-and Bloodsugar

I pick my battles with my teen,because I think--Is this worth it ? So my question is what does it do to the numbers ? Should I even concern myself with this ???

Hi Meme, I'm not sure I understand your question.  Do you mean that "battles" over D could lead to stress and raise sugars? Or do you mean that not intervening will affect the numbers.

When I was a teenager, I'm sure I was sometimes grumpy b/c of highs or lows, but, honestly, it was mostly me being a teenager. (: I still revert to it sometimes when I'm home, lol.

Hi Sarah,thanks ! -It's guilt,arguments cause stress and high blood sugars.So I will sometimes avoid them when I can. I just wondered if I am the only parent that thinks like this ? --Should have posted under parents.

Well, I guess all I can say is that it's a 2-way decision to have an argument. So, you shouldn't place the blame on yourself.

It may depend on the person, but I find that it's more sustained stress, such as lasting over a few hours, that raises my blood sugars, not something quick.