Tempramed Vivi caps

I’ve been getting ads in my instagram and FB feeds for these new Vivi caps that keep insulin pens cool. They aren’t cheap, but they certainly look way easier for travel in hot weather or long plane/car rides. Has anyone tried them?

I do not use anything other than Frio packs. They use water & are amazing. I have been using them for 13 years. I have backpacked down into the Grand Canyon & gone on multiple-day camping trips without issue. I always wear my pump in the pump wallet when it gets above 32°C (90°F).

I’ve heard of them, but haven’t had occasion to try them (I don’t use pens and I haven’t traveled anywhere recently that I might need a cooling device). They’re coming out with a vial version soon that I would be tempted to try if I were headed somewhere with extreme temperatures and without electricity, but I, also, generally find the Frio packs to be adequate.

I think we all need to remember, though, that most insulins can be safely stored at room temperature for limited amounts of time. For example, I’m pretty sure the instructions for Humalog are that it should be refrigerated before opening and then stored at room temperature for up to 28 days after opening. So, most insulins probably don’t need to be refrigerated during long plane/car rides (unless you’re planning to check your insulin, in which case the vivi cap might be useful in preventing it from freezing).