I am interested in others who are experiencing this complication.  While working, I used my hands and fingers extensively.  Eventually my fingers became swollen and difficult to close completely.  Since I stopped working, the symptons were reduced but lately I have been experiencing newer symptons.  One finger on my left hand "locks/freezes" when closed and is painful until I open my hand.

Has anyone else had this complication?  If so, how have you dealt with it or how has your doctor helped you?


I'm obviously not a doctor but I don't think this sounds like tendonitis?  I could be wrong but it sounds like some other type of ailment.  It almost sounds like arthritis but what do I know?

I've wondered if that is the underlying issue, esp since my younger sister, also a T1, has RA, but my dr has tested for that and says no arthrit.  I'm no dr either but he could be wrong, too.  I usually am reliant on his opinion but as is the case with any physical ailment, it is best to pursue an accurate diagnosis.  Thanks for your support, Matt!


It could be carpal tunnel syndrome...though it doesn't usually effect the fingers except in extreme cases from what i know.

I have Tendonitis in my arm and because I didn't get any physio when I first developed it, I'm now having a lot of problems as the tendon never healed..as my physio puts it "the muscle is always engaged as if it's in use..even if you're just laying down doing nothing". It's taken a LOT of physio in the last year to get to the point where after three years I'm not in pain almost 24/7.


I would check going to your doc to get it checked out asap so you can start getting treatment so it doesn't get worse...but I agree with Matt, I'm not 100% sold on tendonitis being the problem.

I recently had lots of different joints that were aching.  My endo didn't have any answers for me, although he did test me for RA and that came up negative (luckily!).

But when I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery the orthopedic surgeon detected "calcium crystals" in my knee.  When it was sent to the lab it came back as being CPPD (Calcium Pyrophosphade Dehydrate) deposition disease.  Basically, the way it was explained to me was, people with endocrine system disorders (I'm also hypothyroid), have a higher chance of developing these crystals in joints.  They seem to have no idea what causes them to happen though.

There's nothing that can be done other than taking over the counter arthritis med (like tylenol, etc).

The crystals in my knee got scraped out during the surgery and since then that knee hasn't hurt a bit.  Problem is, some of my other joints still hurt.

I wonder if it could be the same thing with you?




you may have something called "trigger finger". I had this recently and my middle finger on one hand completly froze up and ended up getting surgery on my hand for it. but it started out with my hand getting very stiff and swollen especially in the morning.

I was diagnosed with both tendonitis and carpal tunnel last year. I had the problem where I couldn't close my fingers strongly around objects, but not the fingers locking or swelling. I saw a specialist who said it was caused by my pregnancy, but that I had a higher chance of the problem b/c of diabetes. Just a warning -- she recommended a steroid injection to help w/ pain. My endo warned me that this could cause higher blood sugars for a few days after. But, your symptoms sound slightly different from mine.

Hi Rich,

I have the same problem with middle finger locking on my left hand. I don't have the pain during the lockage but I still have to open it with my other hand. I haven't mentioned it to my doctor yet, but I was going to buy a brace at a local drug store to keep it immobilized. My finger usually locks in the evening and I experience some minor pain during the day. I hope this helps.


I really appreciate all the stories about this tendonitis issue.  I'm sorry you have to experience this but I'm happy I'm not the only one.

I have an appointment with a hand specialist next week so I hope to find out more what I can do for this problem.  I feel sorry for those have have had to have surgery and I pray that I can avoid it.

Thank you all for your support.