"Tenebrous Coals"

M'kay. I love writing, and when I sat down to write this tonight, I had other intentions with the direction it was to go. Particularly style, as it seemed as if it was going to be more straight-forward then symbolic, etc. - mainly starting with "I'm 97, what are you?" and ending with "I'm 15 - what are you?"

The idea is still relatively the same. Kind of. But it kind of wrote itself up into this, so. It's definitely one of my better ones, but.We shall see :)

Tenebrous Coals

He offers
flame in this
You deny.
You deter.
I devour this
even to never
penetrate this obscurity. I
to this empathy,
cede an ember
slipping sanguinely from
this immaculate touch;
atop the frigid dirt.
fading - withering
before your immotile match.
without a spark to catch.
I spill the
superfluous light
before your brush - to beseech they catch.
Though smoke
does not billow by my hand
nor heart.
heart to hand flame only
He offers
flame in this
Alas -
to shield my own
to abandon no more than
an ember.
This smoke billows by your hand alone,
though mine
the melancholy heart -
doleful to contain no flame to

Very beautiful. I see what you mean about it taking on a life of it's own. Love the "without a spark to catch" line. Great job Alyssa!

haha Alysaa, I thought you didnt put it on this forum, and just your blog, so i was about to put the link on here, and say check out this amazing poem by Alyssa :). once again awesome :) I should totally send this to my english teacher and tell her my 15 yr old friend made it, shed be like. What? Amazing :)