Testing--How do you clean your hands?

My  son is newly diagnosed, and sometimes I find I need to test him when we're not somewhere we can wash his hands.  What should I do in this situation?  Any ideas?



I use hand gel or Wet Ones on Casey's hands to clean them if we can't wash them.  I also use an alcohol wipe to clean the testing site.  Though I've been told that the alcohol can dilute the blood for the sample.



honestly.... unless his hands are filthy I really wouldn't worry about it to much since the action of pushing the blood out will clean the stick spot out.

I use alcohol wipes for my son.  I just keep some in his testing kit.

if im outside and have a waterbottle and need to test and wash my hands, ill sprinkle some of the water on my fingers, let it dry, shake it off or wipe it on my pants then test. it has come in really handy, both times ive done it ive had a very low blood sugar(1.8 and 2.6 mmol/l)