Tha hardest thig ive delt with thus far after 13 years with type 1..SUPPORT would be great right now

okay so my insulin pump(it the minimed         ) decided to stop working again. i have been having problems with this one for a while and minimed keeps saying well as long as it works. but it works less than 50% of the time. just it happens when they ask me ta do this or that with it it decides ta work. so i have gone since about 7:30am this morning ta now with out my pump. i have been doing injections when i should be correcting or bolusing. i still have been high all day. i feel like absolute crap. and yet again ma mom is on tha phone with minimed and nothing yet. ehhhhhh i deffenitaly found out taday why i hate shots so much/and needles. ive given so many injections taday, i used ta give 8-10 a day when i was younger before i got tha pump so from age 3 ta age 8 i had a lotta shots. now its even harder because i am only on humalog with my pump and have no other insulins. before i got ma pump i was on humalog, and NPH. this is so tyring lately. ive been having this problem for like 3 months with this pump. and i hate it. and my moms insurance hasnt starded back up because she just got a new job, because we moved ta NC from NY and so we cant get any NPH or anything.


so anyways wanted ta vent yet again. sorry everyone i know this is about tha hundreth time ive posted a complaint. sorry its just a reall stresful last few days. this is tha worst ma diabetes has been thus far and ive had it for 13 years.


well anyways im thanks for listening. and again suggestions would be so so very much appreciated.

oh so i tittaly just remembered i didnt actually put tha pump on there :) well its a medtronic minimed paradigm link.

I haven't been too impressed with minimed as of late, but I am surprised that they haven't sent you a replacement so the one you have can be troubleshooted.  I am not too current with NPH (I haven't used it in over 10 years), but it may be worth it to try and pay out of pocket for.  I know it sucks, but if you can swing it ultimately you may feel better.   I am not sure about this either, but are there any free clinics nearby, it sounds like you just need a little boost to make it til insurance coverage, they may be able to help, or point you in the right direction?

A few tips I have received and followed with more positive results when dealing with insurance, and medical companies.  One have a notebook designated for those calls.  When calling jot down the time, date, and when the representative answers ask their name and write it down.  During your conversation write down what you talked about and make it clear you are doing so, if you need to ask 2x to clarify- do it.   You may still get the run around the first call or so, but when you have to call back repeatedly and tell them when you had called last (exactly) and who you talked to and what you talked about, sometimes you can break through.  It is super annoying for sure!  But whenever I find I am having issues, this is the best approach plus you gotta use your stern voice ( I am very soft-spoken, but have an insurance voice), and tell them what the consequences of their neglect are, and ask for a viable solution from them.  If they continue you may want to consider contacting an diabetes advocate group. 

It really blows that dealing with medical supply companies and insurance is such as major part of dealing with diabetes, as if the diabetes management alone isn't enough.  I am sorry to hear you are going through this!

So sorry to hear about all of that Jess. :( I don't really know what to say.  My pump broke once because I jumped in the pool when I was younger.  I was pretty young and just simply forgot.  That day that I had to take injections did suck, because it had been a while since I gave injections, and I just couldn't keep my blood sugar in control that day. 

Minimed has usually been pretty good about sending me out a loaner or replacement or whatever, so I'm surprised that they aren't helping you.  They have always overnighted mine too so I got them the next day.  Make sure you explain to them that the issues are not consistent and only happen sometimes, because if they're having you run the selftest on the phone, but nothings happening because it's temporarily working, they may just not get that it's a sporadic malfunction that's happening.  Good luck.


So here is my opinion of the insulin pump...

I have a Paradigm Minimed 715. It's the newest one. I have no choice but to be on an insulin pump because my body is insulin resistant. My body will only react to Novalog. So, I can't take any long acting insulin. But anyway..

I have had a Minimed pump for 4 years and I am very frustrated with them. In April my warranty was up; they never told me that. So, in November my pump died. Literally. I called them and they couldn't get anything back out to me for two weeks because my insurance had to approve it. So, here I am, can't take Lantus, giving shots every two hours, FOR TWO WEEKS, and they could do nothing about it. So, I totally feel your pain. I hate how they give you the run around and stuff. It's so frustrating.

Have you looked into the Animus pump system? That's what I am currently doing...

Best of luck!

ya i have had a minimed pumo since i got my first one when i was 8. i hate me ba ma mom has always picked em. i cant switch until like half way through next year due ta insurance. it so sucks. ba finally minimed decided ta mail me a replacement. ive been trying ta get a replacement, for a while now, tha one i have always stops working its just a fuss. and ma endo up home thinks that ma bodys becoming immune ta insulin. im always high. i go low when i work out a lot, ba mosta tha time even when i do that im still high, i eat how im supposed ta, correct like im supposed ta, and bolus, ba still always high. its way frustrating. ive been type 1 diabetic for 13 years, and it only gets worse as time goes by. i hate it so much. i wish that my body would just accept it. it dont accept my pump sites half tha time either, if im na changing tha tubing due ta breakage, im changing tha site due to ma body rejecting it :'( ehhhhhh. im sorry that you went through that no one should have ta.

I'm sorry you're having pump troubles. I can't really read all of your post though because it is very hard to read with your spellings of things. I'm sorry that I'm not really used to that kind of language usage. But from what I've read from your posts, I can understand how much it sucks to not have a working pump. I just got a minimed last month and I'm always afraid that it is going to fail on me, I've already had to call medtronic twice because of bad sets. I kind of think the people who work the really late night shifts are a little better at customer service Lol. They have seemed to have more time to talk the problems through than the ones that work in the evenings and during the day. (well obviously, I'm sure not many people have pumps that fail them at 3 AM on the same night) So they seem to really want to help then. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time with diabetes right now. I know sometimes it can be really hard, just remember, this too will pass. :) Good luck!