Thank You to my Endo's in St Louis

So, here’s my story. Excited to have gotten my very 1st cgm, after being a T1D for 45 years. Yes, i’m 52. Love the CGM with my pump, with my BS meter, they’ve made a tremendous difference in only one week. Thank you Dr. Janet McGill of Washington University/Barnes Hospital/CAM (Center of Advanced Medicine) of StL for having started me on the pump in '97 - and you Carol Recklein: furthermore: Garry Tobin, Eve Gilstrap, Gaye Knutson, and oh so many others who have tended to me, for being a major part of my belief of making “it” possible. And for standing FOR ALL OF THE T1D’S that you have worked so very diligently for, for our sake, in helping to create the studies, oversee them, evaluate them, the endless hours, days, years and years that you all have put into our cause; and, wow, how many more things that i’m not even aware of… You all are incredible. I DO know that you stood for us for our sake for Medicare coverage for the CGM, and we Thank You, Whole-heartedly. You all climbed these mountains for us. Kuddos to you and those who sought for this, for US. The hugs and such, are to be given, and meant to be a mere pat on the back, No Those hugs are the most incredible hugs that you could ever have been embraced upon. The limbs lost, the vision lost, the kidney failure, the liver, the heart disease, and oh so many more crummy things that occur with “uncontrolled” and even “controlled” diabetes: You’ve helped to lift a huge part of this burden from future us in the here and now, and those of yet to become. You’re making a difference, and we sure appreciate it. Our Love To You.