Thank You!

Thanks to Gina for creating this group!  My #1 goal since being diagnosed 08/2010, is for this to affect my children's lives as little as possible.  I am T1, they are not and diabetes does not run in our family so we have no previous experience.  It's different for kids and parents dealing with this together, because it all becomes routine.  I don't want my children to feel like they miss out on anything because of me.  We missed our flight to AZ for Christmas because I ended up in the ER.  That is exactly what I was worried about happening from the beginning.  Anybody have any advice??  I know I am one of the rare ones that is diagnosed as an adult and never prediabetic or gestational, no family history.  Needless to say I need to find some T1 parents of young children, out there who deal with keeping up with a healthy family!!  It was tough enough before all this.  ; )  Thanks to all for your support!

I was also diagnosed with type 1 in August 2010.  I was 36, and I have 2 children, almost 15 and 10.  I'm worried about how this is affecting them.  Everytime I check my bg my daughter asks what it is.  Everytime I eat they ask if I took insulin.  I don't want them to worry about me, they're just kids.  I'm glad I have it and not them, but I'm also afraid they're going to get it.  I often worry about the affect this will have on my longevity.  My kids come first in my life and I want this to affect them as little as possible.  All we can do is try to balance everything....which is harder than it sounds!!   :)

I am the mother of a diabetic he is 8 yrs old but was three at diagnosis. I hear what you are saying about not wanting this to affect your children and yet it is going to affect your whole family and that is not necessairly a bad thing, This is a disease that affects alot of young children. Your kids have the potential to save a life just by understanding the signs and symptoms of this disease. T1 also forces whole families into better eating habits and health in general. You are lucky in some ways that it was you and not your children that were diagnosed I wish i could take it from my son, I think it is ok to let your children care about you and understand what you are going through. I live next to my sister in law she has three children and i have 2 and all the kids are under 10. they all understand what T1 is and how to help my son if he has a low sugar. They have all checked their own blood sugars and think it is cool ( I was suprised by that one) my sister in law and mother in law and I ride for JDRF's ride for a cure and this year all the kids are helping us fundraise by making bracelets and art to sell at a farmers market. I guess what i am saying is it does not have to be a lonely or isolating disease and it can transform a family rather than hold it back. Here I am  years later and my life has become so rich with the experiences i have had because of T1. Good Luck!