Thanks and Chasey is back to school

Well I have a moment finally to update everyone that offered their support and thoughts. 

Chasey is back in school and no one is happier then her. She is so social that I think that time she spent at home while we were working on the issues at school almost did her in. 

We had a huge meeting at the school, with her teacher, the principle, a person from the school district, the nurse, the special ed teacher and both my husband and myself. The meeting was over an hour and a half long. I think it was a good refresher for everyone involved and it gave the teacher a chance to clarify some things that she was finding difficult. Also our SEA is not back and is still off until further notice but with a lot of insistence and the mention of a lawyer, the district has provided us with a permeant temporary replacement. And she has already been trained on supervising Chasey and helping with monitoring her sugar. Baby steps but at least now we are all on the same page and working in the right direction. 

We were to her endo this week as well and she has programmed the pump with two different basal patterns so that we can better manage her sugar without the need of running her high on purpose on school days. This makes everyone feel better about the situation I think. 

Also I am thrilled to share with you that we have Chasey's A1C level down to 8.4

I know this might seem a little high to some still be we were up at 9 so this is great news for us. The endo said she likes to see someone Chasey's age around 8 so we are heading the right direction.

So with all of that said, I again have to thank everyone for their thoughts and help during a really scary time for me. I know there will be others to come and I know that I can handle them with some help from people here that understand, a strong support system here at home and a super fantastic medical team. 

That's excellent. I am so glad to hear things are improving!

Wow, this is amazing news!!  I'm so glad she's back in school and has all the things she needs for a safe learning environment in school.  Seriously, way to go Mom!!!

What great news! I'm happy to hear that things are going better for Chasey. You and your husband sound like amazing parents. Having a meeting like that with everyone involved is very important - way to go!!

Keep up the good work!!

I'm so impressed that you worked things out with the school! I'm glad things are all heading in the right direction.