That one thing you look for in a person (:

we all know we do it! What is that one thing you look for in a girl or guy, that they have to have, for you to date them (: even diabetics have a type (; haha

Haha i look for good eyes and good smile. I'm a sucker for blue eyes lol

i have a boyfriend, but i remember when i was really debating if i should date him or not, i looked at his personality, yeah looks help, but a good looking jerk is no good, i look for a bright smile and a outgoing, funny personality to match mine<3

This may sound odd but I really look for nice eyebrows. Not super thin, and not super bushy, but just right :)

I look for the way they dress and their personality and if their a funny person..!! =)

ok, I'm going to bypass the has to be a moral Christian and good quality traits and go for the physical traits. I'm a loser for Deep blue eyes and I grew up with two older brother who were boy scouts and strong and buff, so that is kinda another think I definitely hope for in my future husband. But, if the right guy comes along with brown eyes and not exactly buff, that's k, God knows what he's doing.

Blue eyes.... Blonde hair, not super short but not crazy tall either... Medium build.... I just want the freakn blue eyes haha!  ohhhhhh yessssss ( and a good personality of course :). )

for me, they have to have good sense of humour, and understand mine, they'd also have to be someone who isn't afraid to talk about things... my last boyfriend didn't like to talk about problems......and we ended up breakng up because of it   :(    I also like blue or green eyes, and they have to be fairly fit.... yeah..