The 1.5 year honeymoon may be over :'(

It's been 1.5 years of honeymooning (ranging from no insulin to covering 1-2 meals a day with fast-acting) and I think it may be over.  My bg has been around 200-400 for a few days.  I exercise 5-6 times a week and have started taking insulin for what I eat, but I think this is the real deal this time - I need basal again. 

Right when I get used to not being diabetic!  I feel like I am getting diagnosed all over again! 


Sorry. ): You must feel yucky running high, so I'm sure that's not helping your mood either!

Are you going to look into getting a pump? (Of course, I'm not on one, lol, but most people like them.)

My endo was pump-crazy when I was diagnosed, so I actually already have one.  I only wore it for about a month before it was just sending me low all day and I had to eat constantly to stay up.

Ha, ha, that's funny you had a pump but didn't need basals. Do you still remember how to use it?

Yeah, and right when I got it I was on the lowest basal possible (like 0.15 per hour, i think).  Oh, I'm sure it'll be like riding a bike (hahah). 

I'm surviving without having a honeymoon! 

You'll make it through!