The Best of the Best Sugar Free Products!

OK, I know a lot of the SF (sugar free) stuff out there is HORRIBLE.  But if you have found any that you can't live without, or use on a daily basis please list them here.

Mine are: 

1.  Blackburn's SF Pancake Syrup - made by T.J. Blackburn's Syrup Works in Texas.  It is the best.  You can't order online, but can order over the phone.  I order a case of 12 bottles at a time.  If you live in the Southeastern U.S. it is also available at Waffle House.  THE BEST!!!!

2. Soda Stream Diet Flavors - I was a die hard Diet Coke drinker until someone gave me this machine for Christmas two years ago.  Diet Orange Soda, and Diet Cranberry are my favorites, but all of them are very good!

So what SF or carb friendly stuff do you love?


Jason in Orlando





I love the little cups of sugar-free jello.  They are yummy, inespensive and sugar free.

I love sugar free pudding by jello! It’s always in my fridge!!

Chrystal lite! Turns boring water into a tasty drink.