The Big Bang Theory<33

Ok, who else LOVES the show "The Big Bang Theory" ??? I love it sooo much!! I LOVE YOU SHELDON COOPER<333 Anyone who replies, tell me your favorite character, favorite epsiode, and favorite Sheldon quote!!

Mine are The Friendship Algorithm episode, Sheldon<3 and "Fear of heights is irrational. Fear of falling, however, is prudent and evolutionary." (Well that's one of my favorite quotes--I have many)  :)

i dont know the show but haha nice post i figured ill give u 1 reply

omg i love that show it is sooooooooooooo   funny ;)

i watch it every tuesday and thursday!!

It is a great show. did you know they have actual physicists employed ot keep their facts straight. my favorite episode is "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" or at least its the one I remember. My favorite Sheldon quote is from "The Cooper-Newinski Theorem"-"You mean share credit? GET OUT!"

That show is the best ever, LOL. My fave char is Shelden Cooper, i love his sense that he is above all because of his intellect. I cant wait for more new episodes!!