The BiG Blue Test!

Test, Get Active, Test Again, Join the Movement


Don't forget to participate in the Big Blue Test over at . Participating is REALLY simple!

If you have diabetes....

  1. Test your blood sugar
  2. Be physically active for 14-20 minutes
  3. Test your blood sugar again
  4. Post your activity at

If you don't have diabetes....

  1. Be physically active for 14-20 minutes
  2. Post your activity at

Everyone can see the benefits of activity on their lifestyle, whether they live with diabetes or not. So tell all your friends and family to get active and post it on the Big Blue Test website! Every entry is a $5 donation to diabetes charities who distribute supplies to those in need. If we get 20,000 entries between now and November 14 (World Diabetes Day), we will have donated $100,000 in supplies!

You can post an entry multiple times a day until November 14. So get active and log in to!


Thanks for posting this C!!