The cold and high numbers

Hey all, so I wasn't sure where I could post this question, but recently I've been sick with the cold, which have made my sugars go high. I'm on an insulin pump and I eat snacks through out the day to maintain my sugars under control, but lately they have been high and it is getting really frustrated because I'm already feeling sick from the cold and then add my sugar being high. I feel horrible. How do you take control of your sugar when your sick? any help please?

Hi Daisy,

Usually what I do is check more often and correct when high. Drink plenty of fluids and try to eat small meals through the day to prevent ketones. Talk to your doctor though because they can give you a sick day plan. Most doctor offices do that... HOpe you feel better soon!!!

Daisy - like Gina said - we have a sick day plan that we follow,  The few times my kid has had a cold his numbers ALWAYS go way up.  This guide really helps us - check with your doc!

Sickness does the same to my son. We normally do as Gina said lots of fluids along with a temp basal until illness is gone. Hope you feel better!