The cops are here. .

Every year, the highschool I attended organized an All-Night Dance to raise money for a charity event.  Given the fact that hundreds of teenagers were locked in a highschool together from 7am to 7am, there was always extra security and police milling about the place.  One year (I think I must have been in grade nine), I was doing my "bedtime" insulin in a quiet corner by some lockers - away from the chaos and dim-lighting of the dance, away from the chaos of the pool and away from the chaos of the second gym where I would have run the risk of being hit by a stray basketball.

Of course, as I was drawing my insulin into my syringe, a policeman approached me and gruffly asked in an accusatory tone, "What are you doing?"  I explained to him that I have diabetes and needed to take some insulin.  The officer looked immediately embarrassed, told me to go ahead and walked quickly away.

I admit, I must have looked somewhat suspicious sitting alone in a quiet hallway injecting myself with what could only be described as 'drugs.'  However, I still thought it was pretty funny.

Some drug bust, eh?