The Cost of the AP

Does anyone have any idea of the cost when the AP is here ?? Will insurance cover this ? I was thinking about this the other day and thought maybe I need to start saving for this...I would be sad if it was out and I could not get this for her.

I bet that some insurances will cover it, but probably not immediately.  My guess is it will take a few years after its released.  I remember that was the case for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors when they were first introduced.

thank you so much for your answer..Now I need to find out what kind of price will be put on it---how much I need to save...Has to be in the thousands ,wow !

hi, I am new to this site but I think it's great. I am also interested in AP or ilets cells transplant or even stem cell transplant. I am on a pump but with poor control and severe diabetic neuropathy, which made my life myserable for the last 4 years. I would appreciate if anyone has information about any of those 3 procedures!! thanks a lot in advance.

I too have neuropathy and have had diabetes for about 20 some yrs since I was a young child. I am not on a pump but would like more info on the procedures as well ...I have 2 teen daughters and would love to better my quality of life for them as well as myself I am 33 but feel more like thanks

I actually think the AP won't cost way more than a pump.. maybe 10 000 dollars. I think the companies involved stand to make their greatest profits by continually charging for sensors and pump supplies