The cost

The idea of not having to do injects sounds so wonderful. We have pretty good insurance with BCBS, but I am worried about how much more expensive a pump with be then her injections. Anyone else have this concern? For those of you who have made the switch has it been significantly more expensive? 

I waited for a few years before I finally gave in and purchased my insulin pump for the same reasons you describe.  I have always lived from paycheck to paycheck, and still do, for that matter.  However, from my experience with the pump, I would stretch, scrimp and save and say YES the pump is a superior treatment for d.  I finally bit the bullet and bought one, 7 years ago, and have wondered  why I waited so long.  And you know what, some how I afforded it.  Also, Medtronics financed if very cheaply for me back then, and when supplies came, they allowed me to make monthly payments for what I owed them.  I believe most pump manufacturers have similar policies.  It has been more expensive, but not significantly more expensive.  The benefit for me is my better control of my glucose.