The Crap People do!

I really have to get it to Savannah Barry!

She was going somewhere for her school and had to travel on plane to salt lake city.

and on her way home the tsa gaurds made her go threw the medal detector with her pump

which isn't suppose to go threw a machine and breaks! 10,000 pump ruined because people don't

know what they are doing.. BS!

Check out hte link!

I've flown 10+ times so far this year and myself and my pump have gone through the scanners every time and have not had any problems. They just have me touch my pump and swab my hands for explosives and I'm on my way. Now I'm unsure if I should continue going through the scanners or to just have the pat downs...?

I aint on the pump yet, but I recently flew from SC to NYand back, and both times had to spend an extra 20 minutes while the security people check through all of my stuff. Even when I had the note from my doctor saying I could have it all!

I've been through the scanner multiple times with my pump and it's not caused any problems.  How would the scanners mess up the pump?  Pumps use battery power to physically move the reservoir plunger and release the insulin.  That would be like saying xrays caused your syringe plungers to not move.

The best way to get through security is to detach your pump in the rest room and put it in your carry on before you get in the security line.  Say nothing to TSA and you'll have no problems.  Anytime I've mentioned that I wear a medical device, guarantees me a pat down.

I think most pumps are okay to go through the walk-through scanner, but not okay to go in the body-scanner thing.... cause a lot of pumps have radio frequency components.   but I really think it depends on what pump you have.  the radiation could (potentially) cause miscommunications between the pump and meter

I've gone through the walk through scanners multiple times, and there have been no problems with my pump. I hate getting the pat down though, and one TSA agent told me to instead go through the body scanner thingie. But, Princessemiko just mentioned that the body scanner messes with your pump? Which is true; can  I, or can I not go through the full body scanner with my pump? And if I can is it a sure way to not get patted down?

Just disconnect and put the pump in your carry on.  Then you can go through the full body scanner with no problems.  

depends what kind of pump you have, I have the animas Ping, which uses radio-frequency communication between the meter and the pump, so It can't be exposed to radiation (apparently this can lead to over/under delivery of insulin), but if you can't bolus or change basal rates from your meter, it should be okay to go through the body scanner or the x-ray machine for carry-on, It just might mess up the communication if you have a meter paired with the pump.