The Day After Exercise

Hey Everyone,

What actions do you take to keep from constantly having low bg numbers on the day after you are active or exercise?  Today is one of those days for me, I'll test about 15 times today just to know where I'm at, but there has to bea better way.  If the answer is to reduce my temp basal, by what percent and for how long would you suggest.

Thanks....I need to go test now.




You need Sheri Colberg's book, "The Diabetic Athlete."  It give suggestions for adjusting insulin and food to cover specific exercise. 

As a rule of thumb I drop my overnight basal to 50% and wake up at 3am to make sure I haven't dropped more.  If I've worked out in afternoon or evening I also under bolus for dinner.  Then just test often to see where highs and lows come up.  I also under treat a high.

Usually after a week or 2 the blood sugar drop becomes less drastic. 

When you workout your body takes glycogen (stored glucose) from your muscles.  Then it replaces those glycogen stores with glucose, which drops your blood sugar.  Over time your muscles get more efficient and require less glycogen to do the same workout, so in theory your blood sugar shouldn't drop much if you work out consistently. 

But get the book.  I'd had D about 25 years before I first read it and had never understood the effect of exercise on blood sugars.  Even doctors couldnt' give decent advice.  But the book had great suggestions and made sense.

Wow thanks for the advice I will soon order this book, I donot want to give up riding just because T1D.

I usually don't reduce my basal, but I'll make sure to eat a nonfat but heavy protein snack before bed.  Also, for breakfast I'll eat like a few pieces of whole grain toast and a tbs of peanut butter and milk, or eggs.  That really helps my lows, but even I sometimes go low the next night..I guess that's where a reduced basal might work.  I honestly have more lows DURING my workout :( 


Reduced basals are where it's at. I just have to test often/watch the CGM, because I'll go low for two days after a big workout. It's super annoying!