The fine arts

say im breaking the "art" group rule but im not.. there is also fine arts meaning theatre, singing, dancing, and acting. this is what i love to do.

I was just wondering how you guys cope with having to test before going on stage and so on. I have special "schedule" you could say i do before each show. :)

i just wanted to shout that out there


I love doing theater i've been acting since i was in the third grade. Before I go onstage, I check my bloodsugar and if it's under 200, I eat a glucose tablet just to keep me going until intermission. If I feel low, I quickly eat something before I go back onstage.

i do the exact same thing!..i finally feel normal :)

lol! i love it soo much :] i just got done being in acting camp!

I have a mildly amusing story regarding this. I was performing in the school musical, and I'm supposed to be hiding behind a tree, listening to people sing (the show is Into the Woods, just in case you know it). One probl;em- my bolld sugar was 51 (having dropped from, like 300). So here I am, behind a tree, about to pass out, so I sit down really fast, and just sit there until the song is over. :) I have to wait a scene-and-a-half before I'm offstage again though, so that I'm able to test and treat. It was actually pretty funny. :) I know ALWAYS test before going onstage, or even rehearsing. My number always raises when I'm performing, so I bolus if it's over 250, though! :)

Needless to say, I now test before going onstage (good thing too, because one time I was about 450)