The first date

The girl with diabetes conundrum: how to tell dates about type 1. 

So, the first date with a guy I really liked (this is 12 or so years ago).   We had flirted for weeks at work (yep, office romance), and he finally asked me out.  What should we do?  Decision was made to make a day of it and drive five hours to Cedar Point in Ohio (from Lansing, MI). 

So he picked me up at 7am, and we were off.  Being the good type 1 (um, not really, but...), at 8:00am exactly, I pulled out the syringe and vial of insulin from my purse, drew up what I needed and injected it in my thigh. 

My date almost drove off the road.   After a minute, he got the nerve to ask what I was doing.  And so began the explanation of type 1 diabetes.  Poor guy had been leaving Sweet Tarts on my desk for weeks (this was before days of intensive insulin therapy - you did NOT eat sugar back then).

Why did he not run is something I still ask...  we've been married 10 years.



I think my wife got to see a severe hypo on our 6th or so date.  We had gone downtown and just parked the car.  She didn't have a cel phone and she didn't know how to work mine.  By the time the paramedics showed up, I was mobile (but under 40) - they walked us into the nearest (and fairly nice) restaurant.  When the hostess said they were full, the paramedic told her that she could seat us or he would.  It was the fastest I've ever been served anywhere.  We've only been married four years and I can't begin to explain how she decided to stay with me...



both these stories are priceless.

nothing like this in my books yet, but i do find it amusing when my dates and/or friends ask if it hurts or if they can touch my site. oh, haha, their like children. its really cute actually. haha.

that is one of the cutest stories! :)

I was with the guy I was dating at lunch and I pulled out my insulin pump. Him and his friends just kinda got quiet and looked at me. After a while he said “Um… Ann? Did you know there’s a wire coming out of you?”

What a way to tell someone you're diabetic... haha :)

awesome story, lol. i hope if i ever date anyone soon they'll understand(:

when i started dating my ex i never told him that i was a diabetic. either i hid my testing and pump activities very well or he was completely oblivious to what i was doing; plus he was a good friend of my best guy friend so i thought he just knew.  well the first time we ever made out he discovered my pump site and CGM transmitter when he tried to put his had up my shirt...lets just say he jumped back so quick (can only imagine what would have happened if he actually reach my pump which i store in the front of my bra) LOL that was conversation that ruined the mood; but we continued to date for the next 6 months, he was great about it.

this is amazing and i love it ! i was only diagnosed on july 31, 2011.

throughout the last year with my boyfriend my diabetes symptoms would apparently only show through if i drank too much. my sugar would spike from sugary mixed drinks and i would end up going crazy, which i now know was my body screaming "SOMETHINGS WRONG!" my now ex was convinced i had a drinking problem. when we found out i had diabetes he knew that one of the things with me was if my blood sugar goes high i become irrational, angry and scream, like i did when drunk. a week out of the hospital we went on a 12 mile rafting trip. i only drank a very small amount and was not drunk. however, i didnt understand my Lantus would not cover me eating cookies at my friends house. i shot up to 375 and lashed out on him. instead of trying to calm me down he fought back with me and reverted to me having a drinking problem and not understanding it was my blood sugar not the alcohol. he broke up with me right then and there.

i cannot believe that he could not understand. he KNEW my high symptoms and still left me. it makes me feel like everyone is going to leave me because he did and we were supposed to get engaged. does anyone else think he was completely rude, unsupportive and mean? i'm still heartbroken and my mood swings make everything worse.