“The First Year”

Hi All,
Well tomorrow is the big day! Exactly one year ago tomorrow my 13 year old son was admitted into intensive care in DKA we were all given the diagnosis of type 1. Thankfully we only spent three days in the hospital before we got to come home to this new way of life. I have so many mixed emotions I don’t know where to really begin. I would say the emotions are close to as many highs and lows we’ve lived through the past year. As a mom my heart hurts knowing my son is going to have to deal with this the rest of his life. I sometimes get angry and think it’s not fair, I sometimes want to cry (and have) when I see my son getting frustrated because we can’t get his bg back down, or in the beginning struggling with all the needles. (He has the Dexcom G6 and Tslim X2 pump now which is certainly a blessing!) I’ve even blamed myself and wondered if perhaps there was something I did or I or didn’t do during my pregnancy that’s caused him to get t1d…which I know is not justified thinking, but it’s happened in my little mind. Some days I am so tired from the lack of sleep I got the night before I don’t know if I can make it through my day at work. (Although being tired isn’t really an emotion. ha, ha). I’ve also had days of pure elation when we get the numbers in range and the pride, joy and love I have for my son cannot be put in words. So my point to all this is I just want to say to all t1d’ers and families “Congratulations!” no matter where you are in this journey. For the newly diagnosed, hang in there, it does get easier. And for those who’ve managed t1d for years, Great Job! You all have my utmost respect no matter what your latest A1C number says! Tomorrow our family will celebrate one tough, brave, useless pancreas butt-kicking, carb counting, Superhero Boy!! And I’m proud to say we’ve made it through this year with our sanity!! Woo hoo!!


@WarriorMom13 great job, and many, many more “diaversaries” to you and your son!

That’s such a great story and bit of inspiration, thanks for sharing! Ultimate kudos to you, your family, and especially your son. Great job!!

Congrats to YOU! and your son! As my partner says, celebrate and take it one day at a time. Your son is very lucky to have you in his corner to support him as he learns to live with t1d. My partner was diagnosed when he was 11 years old, he will be 62 in May! Talk about the challenges he’s had to deal with, not to mention all the advancement of medicine to treat t1d, which no doubt had allowed him to live his “normal” life. We have been together for almost 6 years as during this time I’ve learned more about t1d than ever thought! It’s a most challenging and frustrating disease! But with knowledge, adherence, support, understanding, and a lot of patience, life for your son should be fruitful and amazing! Best to you and your Superhero Boy.

Hello @WarriorMom13, I was diagnosed in 1945 when I was 6. I have now been a T1D for 76 years, and I do not have any serious complications.
With your love and support, your son is getting off to a great start. The knowledge and the better insulins we have today make diabetes management so much easier. The Dexcom G6 and the pump you are using are great!
Good luck to you and your son in the many years ahead!

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As time goes on, your son will get much more used to it than you as mother ever will. I think I am SOO lucky to have Type 1. There is one thing that makes our lives close to normal and it’s the same thing our body should be producing. I see all these TV ads for the pills and other things for Type 2 and it seems like the side effects are worse than the disease, including death! Yes that is a side effect of some of these artificial things in Type 2 diabetic pharma. It’s only insulin for us and it’s something HUMAN!!

As a fellow mom of a child with t1d, I just want to say, your attitude and perspective are admirable and beautiful! Thank you !