The Flu

I thought the flu season was must not be because my oldest daughter's family has been hit by it...I am a little nervous about my teen getting this. I made sure my daughter got the flu shot--we did miss the H1N1 shot..Has anyone had their teen go through the flu and was it bad ? Thank You ..

My son had, in this order, the flu shot, H1N1, then the H1N1 shot.  His bout with H1N1 was not confirmed with a test, but all four of us in my family were sick with it during the first week of so of October.

I took really good care of him for 1-2 days until I came down with it.  Then within a day my husband got sick.  Then within another day, my 13 year old got sick.  Both teens ran 103 fevers; my husband and I did not.  But everybody felt horrible.  My son's blood sugar did not go out of whack.  I made sure he stayed hydrated nonetheless.

Since we started by keeping my older son in isolation, then me in isolation, futilely, it just led to everybody in their own room (well, my husband with me) with a laptop.  I checked on the kids by sending them chat messages on facebook.  (We just have two laptops, really. My husband has one from work.  We also have a tiny ACER, which the younger teen got "stuck" with since he was the last to get sick.)

Everbody was sick for a full week.  The teens each missed five days of school.

I spent so much of the summer and early fall worried about my elder teen, the diabetic one, getting the flu.  Once he got it, I was actually more relaxed.  And once he was over it, I was WAY more relaxed. 

That's not to say not to stay vigilant.  Watch that liquid intake.  Watch those blood sugars.  Keep us posted.