The funnest thing that I have heard in my 11 years of being a Diabetic

One Sunday my dad was talking to one of his cuz, When we were walking out the door. My paster over heard what we were talking about and was asking me questions. Than he asked me if it is hard to put it in my pump cause my dad was saying something about all the new stuff they have out. My dad told him I have a pump (I did not kown that he kown I had diabetes but I think that my Grandpa said something to him about me having diabetes one time of something) My dad started to walk out the door and paster Jonas said "So it like have a pancreas on the outside right?" I told him that it something like haveing a pancreas on the outside.

I thought that I would share this with ever one and I was wounding if anyone elase has ever had someone ask them like that. I would love to heard other one too.

I think most T1D's have heard some funny stuff in their lifetime. It seems like I hear funny (and often stupid) comments everday! 1 comment that I always remember is something a man said to me at church. I had recently been diagnosed. I went from being 102 lbs to 82 lbs. So I was very, very small. When the people at our church heard I was diabetic a man came up and asked me "Is it gestational?" I was like... Ummm, I'm only 82 lbs. Do I look pregnant? LOL

And about the pumps, I wear an OmniPod. I always hear the word "installed". Did it hurt to install that? When did you have that installed? LOL I try to explain to people it's not "installed" in me. I'm totally human, not a robot. LOL

But nonetheless, I love my "outside pancreas".