The Grave

I wrote this after a friend of mine past away.



Looking into the sea of tears
I see the pain
I see the laughter
I see what I used to be
standing on the edge of a black hole that fades into forever
I feel the love
I feel the concern
I feel you near
kneeling down to wipe away the sand
I hear you plead
I hear you laugh
I hear you teach
wishing you were here to tell me what to do
I pray
I cry
I remember
now that you are gone I know where I went wrong
I know I did wrong
I know I broke hearts
I know I denied forgiveness to fill my soul
like the tears that fill my eyes
I am learning to love
learning to change
learning to act on a feeling
as the wind blows by I close my eyes and thank you for being who you were in life and who you are in death.


This is a very powerful piece - it definitely moved me... I'm not sure I am quite willing to post any of my writings on death and dying and still, I find your words comforting and healing.  I am very glad for the chance to read this, thank you for sharing.


I have to say that i really like it! It's like...idk..woah.