The Hands of Fate

For i was born on a November day. Everyday i lived care free i rarely wept, I laugh, i play. All day everyday. But on a faithful day in school, words flew around, before I knew I was alone. I wept, and only wept on those days. But the hands of Fate changed my life once more as I went to a new place. I was filled with hope, similes, and open arms for friends. With my past on my mind I fight to make a new life for me. But cruelty is the game the Hands of Fate are playing. I felt pain, an unknown pain, I was rushed as fast as I could go, I was screaming in pain from what I don't know. The doctor came to help,a small ray of hope that will quickly die out. He said those fatal words that changed me forever, those words haunt me to this day; "You have type 1 Diabetes." Oh how the hands of fate turned me to worse. But at the bottom of Pandora's box there is hope, and hope I shall have to wait for the day I hear those words told by God's angels; "Congratulations, son you're cured of Type 1 Diabetes." The hands of Fate can take everything from me, but my hope.

Nice. I looove how you added in that part about Pandora's box. And that was very deep. And your right. We always have that small bit of hope at the bottom of Pandora's box. And did you already know about pandora or did you research her for your poem?

I already knew

P.S. sorry I didn't contact you earlier I just don't come here often

I realize this was two years ago, but I’m new to this site. I gotta say, I absolutely loved your piece. I too have thought about how my only liberation from this disease is death. That to be in his presence will be the day that we are free again.

Tis is a beautiful poem. I to hope to here those words, but I also hope to be the reason why someone says there’s a cure, for I wish to cure the retched disease.