The holidays

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve all got something great planned for the holidays. I have to say that I always loved this season as a kid, but I hasn’t always been happy. As a kid there was a lot of magic in the air this time of year, anticipation, presents, decorations, and family. When I got diagnosed, I went through a long period of loss, how can I be joyful when this awful thing happened to me? I went through a long period of hating the cookies – irritation at the holiday carb laden treats and dishes, where the delicious was sometimes dulled by the pinch of a shot and the pain that follows.

Anyway it’s been a long time since I was diagnosed now, and I have found many ways to be thankful and joyful, but it ain’t always been easy. For any of you that feel a little sad, maybe hold back some tears from the pain of this and other losses, know that my thoughts are truly with you, and it’s okay to feel a little sad when the rest of the house is singing or laughing. Take a break and get your head together, talk it out with someone who knows what you are going through and cares. Know that a pain shared is half the pain, but a joy shared is twice the joy, and please reach out if you have to, and know in your heart that you are not alone.

may the peace of this season find you with a “ok” blood sugar and may you be surrounded by all the things in this world that you care about and love.

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Hi @Joe, I hear what you are saying and can relate to many of the emotions and feelings that you experienced. Fortunately I had almost five months between my diabetes diagnosis and my first Christmas - and mistakenly thought “I’ve got this thing in hand”. How mistaken - as I now know very well that in those days I really didn’t know how to use insulin to compensate for my eating indulgence - and I suffered! In retrospect, it probably took me 40 years before I could effectively manage insulin so, after my first Christmas Season, I painfully resisted letting myself enjoy most, but not all, the wonderful foods.
This year I know that I WILL have a wonderful season and will have much support. My real enjoyment will be receiving and visiting with guests and I’ll be so busy talking that the foods won’t be a factor - well, will be a tasty and I’ll manage. It is wonderful how joy and friendship nourishes and sustains me.

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My sentiments exactly! I’ve had my pity parties, cried a many of nights; but, at the end of the day I thank God for Insulin and thank Him everytime I take a shot.