The Human Trial

Happy New Year everybody ! I just watched an excellent film (documentary) called ‘The Human Trial’. It’s about a clinical trial focused on a potential cure for T1D and I highly recommend it. It’s available for rent on Appletv and Prime. Let me know what you thought of it !

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I rented it in Feb. on Amazon. I was in tears for most of the movie! Wish I had purchased it instead of renting. I want to watch it again!

Pam K.
T1D 58 1/2 years and counting!

Glad to hear from you Pam, nobody else responded. I’m a bit shocked that more people on this forum haven’t seen the movie (or haven’t commented on it if they did). I was in tears for many parts of it too, recognizing the challenges of T1D that only we can understand. I feel so thankful for the researchers, and especially for the patients who undergo clinical trials. I keep wondering how Greg and Maren are doing today ! I also feel more hopeful since seeing the movie that a cure really is getting closer. Stay well ! - Joanne

I’m surprised by that too! It is such a wonderful film! I hope that Greg and Maren are doing well!

Just saw this. I’m going to stream it now. Thanks for the info!

I just saw this post and didn’t know about this documentary. Thank you! I’ll be watching