The most times you've tested your blood sugar in one day

My personal record is 21 times.  I believe I was low at around 2:30 am, ran at a different time of the day I was used to, and then moved heavy boxes at work.

Lol I test my blood sugars at least 8- 12 times a day! I don't know if I would have any blood after 21!!!  =)

my record is like 16

The most I can remember is 19. It was in July, maybe early August. I had two soccer games one morning, at like 8 and 11, then we we went out for pizza for lunch. Played paintball in the afternoon, went surfing after supper and went to a party. I was up for like 20 hours and my blood sugar was up and down all day.

Normally, I test 4-10 times a day, lately it's usually around 10.

28 :P It was a really off day. My parents were extremely displeased that I went through more than one  bottle of OneTouch strips in a single day... so were my fingers.

dag gone! Alyssa!  28 is insane!  my high might only be like 20 if that.

I can't claim anything that high. I think on the day I went on the pump I must have tested about 24 times in that period of time. Partly due to infusion set issues and my sugar not going down. Usually though I am at about 6 - 10 a day.

I think 23 is my record.

I was out with friends and we spent the day hiking mountains & riding down waterfalls. Then, of course, there was ice cream. :) All day, I was CONSTANTLY checking and rechecking.

yeah I'm on the low end of this scale, like 8

As some of you know I am a testing fool. I just looked through what records  I still have on the computer and the most in one day is 33. I tend to test a lot when running low or high.

mine is like 40 time one time i got sick at like 2 am and i was suck till like 8 pm that night and i had to test like every 1/2 hour

i most i have tested in a day was 28 times. i kept feeling low during school and at home. i went low 6 times that day.