The myth of diabetes and building muscle/strength!

Hey All,


I'm Ginger, from Type 1 diabetic for ten years.


Im going to be competing in powerlifting on May 2nd: deadlifting around 300 pounds, benching around 190 and squating about 245!


Here's some vids of the progress:


Either way, a year and a half ago I was just a normal strength female, only because of consistency and adhering to good nutrition, managing my blood sugars and working hard did I manage to get up to a competitive level...but diabetes was never a reason that would keep me from succeeding. I had to work just as hard as any non-diabetic!


You can do whatever you set your mind to! But you've gotta be willing to work hard!




Perhaps you know the answer to this...Another diabetic friend of mine told me awhile ago that your body can convert insulin to be used as a "natural" steroid i.e. for muscle growth. I wasn't sure if you had any insight? :)

Hey Pat  :)


What your friend is referring to is that INSULIN is "anabolic" in the sense that it helps preserve and build muscle, because it carries the carbs you eat and transports that glucose to your muscles where it can be stored as glycogen.


If our muscles are low on glycogen, and they're aren't plenty of carbs and insulin available, the muscle is going to continue to wear away at itself.

That's why after you weight train it is so important to eat a lot of good carbs (at least 40 to 50 grams) to replensih the glycogen stores in your muscles. It isn't a "natural steroid" really, it's more of a crucial aspect of being able to build muscle.

A lot of professional bodybuilders who are NOT diabetic will take extra insulin so they can eat extra carbs and get even more carbs into their glycogen stores.

Does that make sense?



Yeah that makes sense...I just don't usually do any carbs after a workout...I take Isopure which is carb free as a post-workout protein guy. Based on your thing saying that I should be intaking carbs post workout, should I go back to Muscle Milk? It had about 22g carbs per serving.

Do you take any supplements?

The problem with Muscle Milk is that it has a ton of fat in it.


Fat slows down the absorbtion of the carbs and the protein.


You NEED carbs most importantly right after a workout, so that you fill your glycogen stores and your muscles don't eat away at themelves but instead GROW from aminos, carbs (and the insulin!).


A protein shake that is WHEY and low-carb and low fat PLUS a good source of carbs like oatmeal, sweet potato or Ezekial Bread, some people buy Waxy Maize and mix it with their shakes because it is absorbed really quickly.


Either way, you're looking for at least 60 or so grams after a workout and combining it with protein, not fat.



But muscle milk tastes so good! :(

What do you recommend then? I order my stuff from, so if they have it, we're good to go. But what kind of post-workout supplement(s) if any, do you recommend? I'm a big fan of BSN products.

What supplements, if any, do you take?

A protein powder with a nutrition profile like this:

And here is some waximaize (corn for quick carb absorbtion!).


At the moment, I don't take any supplements because I don't want the water retention from the creatine for my weight-in at my powerlifting meet next week!


however, creatine and glutamine (3-5 grams of each before your workout) is a plenty. If you want to get into tons of different supplements, there are tons to take to help this and that, but those are the good basics!



Thanks. Nice to see you use DPS too, or were just using it because I might have referenced it. I've noticed that I'm gaining weight now (about 5lbs in the last week) and have no clue what the cause is. My routine hasn't changed at all. I'm going to try and cut back on "bad" foods and stick to high protein, medium carb stuff like chicken & rice etc.

I tell myself that I'm going to run "forever" but only ever end up making it about 2 miles before my legs start to burn and the side of my shins (outside between my ankles and calves on both sides) start to get tight. Gaining weight was not included on my "to do" list on my way to being leaner and stronger

Hey Guys!


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